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Best Workplaces for Blue Collar

Cantiere del Pardo is proud to be among the 10 Italian companies that have received the acknowledgment for Best Workplaces™ for Blue Collars 2023, ranking of Great Place to Work® Italia, born from the idea of identifying and rewarding companies in which the population of workers – the blue collars- expressed a mainly positive opinion about their work experience.

«We started from the desire to listen to people perhaps less listened to, the blue collars, who are the backbone of the Italian economy and the Made in Italy. These workers have a complex role, they cannot work from home, and it is more difficult for the company to motivate them. So we thought it was important to identify the companies that manage to do it. We surveyed more than 8,000 workers from 46 companies. And we found excellent realities, in which over 75% of blue collars are happy with their workplace, a level of satisfaction 23 points higher than that recorded in other analyzed companies.» explained Beniamino Bedusa, President and Partner of Great Place to Work® Italia.

Cantiere del Pardo, the first shipyard in Italy to obtain the “Great Place to Work®” certification in June 2023, is increasingly motivated to face the challenges and new projects needed to make the workplace an environment where safety, well-being of employees and professional development are the focus and the daily objective.