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Where the magic happens

Where the magic happens

Cantiere del Pardo, established in 1973, has a proud history of producing over 5000 boats. The shipyard is spread over an indoor area of 40,000 square meters and is divided into three macro-departments: millwork, which utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and processes; carpentry, which relies on the traditional manual skills of its skilled workers; and assembly, where all components are meticulously pieced together until final testing in the large trial pool.


Consolidate the prestige of a brand symbol of Italian know-how in the high-end nautical sector, capable of combining the incomparable wealth of knowledge and ingenuity that our country is able to express with the most modern technologies and respect for the Environment.


Gathering around our nautical projects the finest experiences and skills capable of making yachts with unmistakable style. Yachts that can meet owners’ needs in terms of comfort, safety and pleasure of navigation, worldwide.


Our driving forces

At Cantiere del Pardo, we prioritize three core values: quality and tradition, service excellence, and sustainability. These values are anchored by our unwavering commitment to innovation, which drives every aspect of our work.


We strive to achieve perfect synergy with the environment in which our boats navigate. Our top priority is to implement a consistent strategy of minimizing the use of materials that may have a negative impact on the environment during the construction process. Additionally, we meticulously oversee our supply chains and carefully select our suppliers to ensure that sustainability is always at the forefront of our operations. As individuals and as a company, we understand that our business is inextricably linked to the marine ecosystem that allows us to pursue our passions daily. Therefore, we recognize our primary responsibility to maintain a profound awareness of our impact on the environment.

Quality and Tradition

Since 1973, Cantiere del Pardo has been committed to delivering boats that meet the highest standards of quality, safety, reliability, and trustworthiness. Our approach has always been driven by experience, skills, and innovation, with people and their professionalism at the heart of everything we do. Our experts combine cutting-edge construction processes with meticulous craftsmanship to define the standards in the nautical sector every day. We draw on skills inherited from a sector with a strong artisan background, passed down from generation to generation, to produce safe, fascinating, and functional boats with a strong and recognizable Italian design. Our boats are designed for those who share our values and identity, namely, our yacht owners.

Service Excellence

We provide our customers with a comprehensive and transparent journey, from boat selection to customization. We continue to expand our network of trusted international business partners who provide support at all times. Our commitment to our yacht owners is that of a family and community, fostering discussion, idea sharing, and event organization. Our services are consistently excellent, and we always ensure that Cantiere del Pardo is the signature and guarantor of our commitment to excellence.


Innovation is deeply ingrained in the fundamental values of Cantiere del Pardo, driving our actions and design approach. It is our professional DNA, continuously evolving to benefit our customers. Our innovative mindset is also integrated into our daily performance, as individuals, a group, and a company. Our yacht owners serve as our primary inspiration, pushing us to strive for constant improvement. This virtuous cycle yields sustainably conscious choices, quality products, and excellent services, making innovation the hallmark of our brand.