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Fundraising for the employees of Cantiere del Pardo affected by the flood

Cantiere del Pardo expresses its solidarity with the entire population of Emilia-Romagna. In these dramatic days of climate emergency, our thoughts are with the families of the victims and all the professionals and healthcare workers who are tirelessly at the forefront of rescue efforts. Fortunately, our company headquarters have not been affected by the flood, but many of our colleagues have been directly involved in this calamity. It is our intention to actively support our employees and their families by providing practical and tangible assistance to expedite the recovery and rebuilding process. In order to provide concrete and tangible support to our affected employees and their families, Cantiere del Pardo has opened and started, with a donation, a current account for the creation of an aid fund. The fund is open to generous donations from anyone wishing to participate. Donations can be made using the following data:

Fundraising for the Employees of Cantiere del Pardo Affected by the Flood IBAN
Reason for payment: “Emergency Flood Donation”